Tips for Saving Money Shopping Online

Tips for Saving Money Shopping Online

One of the biggest shifts in our buying habits the last few years has been the move from shopping in stores to shopping online. For many, the convenience of having the ability to cruise online for the perfect gift or the right pair of shoes far outweighs any extra costs you may be paying for shipping them directly to your door.

But did you know that if you shop online with a bit of savvy you can actually save money? It is true and in fact not that hard to do. As long as you make sure that the website you are using offers secure payments online through any one of several known and respected software icons, you can shop safely, shop with ease and now even save a bit of money. Here is how.

Shopping Cart Savvy

When you are shopping online do you tend to look for what you want on your favorite sites and then buy it right away? If you want to save a bit of money and are fine with a bit of delayed gratification, you can have your cake and eat it too, so to say.

I found out about this little trick when I was shopping online the other week and wasn’t sure if what I had in my shopping cart was the right product. I decided to leave it in my shopping cart while I did a bit of research. The phone rang, I was distracted and before I knew it a day or two had passed and I had forgotten all about that shopping cart abandoned part way through my purchase. That is, until I received an email offering me a discount to go back and complete that purchase.

Many online stores are now monitoring their abandoned shopping carts on their sites and contacting customers in this way to entice them to complete their shopping plans. So, the next time you have that great pair of shoes or perfect little outfit in your shopping cart, wait a few days and see if they won’t make you an offer. It is worth the wait, if you can do it.

Do the Research First

Just because you found that perfect item online, it doesn’t mean that the site you are on is giving you the best possible price. I make it a habit to always use Google’s shopping search once I know the name of a product I want. This is way I can find the website that is offering it at the best possible price.

While it may seem like you already have a great price, it is always smart to do a bit of research first before you buy as some sites seem to always be having a sale on something. After all, isn’t that one of the advantages of shopping online, that you can price shop so easily?

Amazon Subscription Service

I don’t usually name an actual website when I am offering these tips but this one is really worth checking into. If there are items you buy on Amazon on a regular basis, let’s say razor blades for instance, you can look at how often you need to buy more of them and then set up a subscription order with Amazon. This means you will never run out and often Amazon will give you a discount for having a subscription with them. Worth checking out, even if they don’t offer the discount.