Things That You Should Do About a Compulsory Purchase Order

Things That You Should Do About a Compulsory Purchase Order

When there are important redevelopment programmes going on in an area, individuals and landowners may be faced with compulsory purchase from big businesses or even by the government. A CPO notice may be served to the individuals affected.

Compensation is offered depending on the value of the property, the cost of purchasing it and the expenses for moving to a new one. The amount paid for professional and legal advice is commonly reimbursed by the authority.

There are certain things that you need to know about compulsory purchase to ensure that you will be getting a secure and quick resolution with just compensation.

Review the planning process

Before the proposal gets planning permission, it is necessary that you voice your concerns and objections to the right authorities. It is necessary that you keep your eye on the planning process and find time to attend meetings and sessions arranged by the council, so you can have a better understanding of what is presented and proposed to you.

Get as much information regarding your property

The compensation that you will get will depend on whether you are leasing, an occupier or landowner along with the terms of occupation and ownership. The council may need to ask for the copy of the title deed as well as the lease. Make sure that you are able to collect market data about your property.

Create your very own planning position

Once you have reviewed the planning position of the other party, it is time to create your very own. Consider future growth. The land that you currently own or are leasing may also be affected once further development is in place.

Keep copies of your letters

If you opt to voice your concern to the developer at the very start of the process, you need to make sure that you keep a copy of each letter that you send out. Keep notes during meetings and take down important words from both parties.

Maintain a copy of available information regarding the proposals. By doing so, it can help you determine and further understand the concerns that you may have.

List your expenses

Whether your property is claimed by a compulsory property order or negotiation, you have to reimburse the expenses you have had during the process. The more copies you have about your expenses, the greater the possibility that you will be able to recover them.

Think before you decide

Before you agree or totally disagree with the proposal presented to you, you have to think and probably consider the advice of people who are well-versed in such processes. As early as the planning stage, your decision may affect the compensation that you will be getting once that the process has reached its final course.

You may also want to consider talking to a compulsory purchase order surveyor or compulsory purchase advisors so they can help you put a claim for your compensation. In more complicated situations, you may also need the help of legal experts.