LH-Crypto from a new service from a reliable broker

LH-Crypto from a new service from a reliable broker

Today we will talk about some useful resources that LH-Crypto from Larson&Holz offers to its customers. But first I would like to note the fact that will bring some clarity about the company’s work. LH-Crypto provides services as a broker. That is, any client of the company, who for personal reasons decided to engage in trading, can get all the necessary tools for trading. The company offers many options and services. Along with the available options, the company develops additional functionality for each of them.

Let’s start in order. Quite an interesting service that has several directions. The first direction, this is the standard holding of competitions. This is a standard tool that you will not surprise. But, than it is possible to surprise, so it is a prize sum which the winner of this action receives. After all, 10 000 dollars, namely, this amount is awarded to the winner, will certainly interest anyone. Terms of the competition are simple to impossible. Let’s start with the participation in the contest. The company Larson&Holz decided not to impose restrictions on participation. Now any customer of the company can participate in the competition, regardless of the experience of trading in financial markets, and the level of knowledge regarding trading. The contest is held every month, and the conditions are as follows. All bills are accepted for participation in the contest, which are real, and were replenished for any amount. That is, trading accounts that have been activated. Initially, the company set a lower limit of $ 100. But then, at the request of customers, the restriction was lifted. By the way, the company is currently deciding whether to raise the prize amount. Also, incidentally, with the filing of the company’s customers. The purpose of the competition is as follows: within a month, participants must show profitable trade. Accounting is conducted by reducing profitability. The participant, who showed the maximum profit during the competition, is considered the winner, and claims a prize fund. But accounting is not only in terms of profitability. Factors such as the drawdown of a trading account, the volume of transactions, the total amount fixed by the end of the bidding period, and the number of transactions completed are taken into account. The ratio of profit to loss is calculated. The final result is summarized, and the results are announced. If two or more winners are revealed during the competition, the calculation is carried out by volume and quantity. The best characteristic reveals the winner. What trading accounts are not allowed to participate in the competition. These are demo accounts. This is understandable, no demo account can participate in tournaments, where the prize is real money. Also, trading accounts are not allowed to participate in the contest, the account of which is not verified. This is also understandable, since verification confirms the actual customer data. But interestingly, you can take part in the competition even at the end of the month. For example, the competition starts on January 1. On January 31, the competition ends. A trader can join the race even on January 29th. That is, by the end of the month. After all, customers can register not only at the beginning of the month, but at the end. Therefore, this was an exception in the general rules of the competition. Also, trading accounts are not accepted for participation, the deposit of which is currently in the negative zone, or in the drawdown under current orders. If the trading account goes into a drawdown during the contest, it will not be visible in the standings.

Well, the other direction of the competition, is the ability to monitor trading accounts involved in the competition, and viewing open trades, and closed deals on history. This is a huge advantage, since a novice trader can understand the essence of the trader’s trade. The most experienced traders, on open and closed orders, can understand even the trading system itself. But that’s not all. There is one more advantage. Any trader can contact the contestant and ask for help. Or to discuss the sore point. The only thing that remains unknown is the possibility of using trade advisors in competitive bidding. We will soon find out about this. Although, the rules do not say a word about the use of automated trading systems. However, it can be learned. In addition, that a novice trader can contact the contestant, you can talk with more experienced traders about managing the capital. The company does not prohibit the conclusion of agreements between its customers on the management of other people’s money. Moreover, the company will become the guarantor at the conclusion of the transaction. Recall, the company Larson&Holz has not yet launched a trust management service. This service is still under development. At least that’s what the company’s employees explained to us. Let’s hope that soon the company will please investors. In the meantime, we are working as we used to. What else I would like to note about the competitions. The amount is really big, and the service makes it possible to start trading with solid capital. That is, the basis for trading already exists.

Well, the most popular service is a no-deposit account. According to statistics, this is the most popular service of Larson&Holz. There is nothing to be surprised, as the service enters the bonus system. And we are not indifferent to bonuses. Moreover, the bonus on a no-deposit account is $100. A novice trader gets the opportunity to receive this bonus three times. That in the end is $300 total bonus. And the conditions are not as stringent as those of other brokerage companies. All you need is to increase the maximum possible profit. And this, with the fact that the trader conducts risk-free trading. Well, what can be the risk if the money is bonus. You can work even at high risks. The received profit, the trader keeps to himself. This is already his legal bonus, which he can dispose of at his discretion. Agree, with 300 dollars you can get a good profit. For example, 10% of the profit is equal to 30 dollars. And they become the trader’s personal money. This amount will be a significant addition to the main deposit. It’s bad that this opportunity is given only three times. And you can trade only three days. But this is enough to make a powerful addition to your own money. And besides this, LH-Crypto does not impose restrictions on trading methods. A trader can use at least scalping, though intraday. In principle, there can be no restrictions, in view of the fact that the trader is trying to earn money, showing a higher profit. And again, in case of failure, the trader does not lose anything. And this is the best that LH-Crypto could come up with for its customers. Now it’s up to the customers themselves.